Tips para encontrar tu hotel ideal

1. Be clear about what you want

Before starting your search we recommend that you be very clear about your north regarding what you want or expect the hotel to offer you. It is different if you go alone, as a couple or with children, in each case the objective of the hotel may change.
If you go alone and on a low budget, it is very likely that you do not mind staying in a low-cost hotel or hostel, if you go as a couple suddenly you want a little more privacy and you will want a hotel with some characteristics, but if you go with Children, the first thing you think about is that the beds are really clean and located in a safe place. That is why you must consider all the variables: company, budget, location and very important to know what use you will give the hotel.

2. What is your budget

Be realistic when allocating the budget. It is true that we all want a 5-star hotel for the price of one of 2, but the reality is that each star means more quality, more amenities and more price. Being realistic puts your feet on the ground regarding the hotel that you can achieve with the budget you plan to invest in it. Based on that, you can do a sensible search and the results will be adjusted to your needs. Remember to be very clear about how you will use the hotel, how long you are going to stay in it, if it is only for sleeping or what kind of amenities you need. This will help you debug among the thousands of options.

3. Where it is located

As important as the previous point of the budget is the location of the hotel. If you are organized you will know which area is best for you so that it becomes your starting point every morning. Locate on a map the attractions you are going to visit or the places of your interest, with this you will realize which area you are going to frequent the most, based on this you can choose the best location of the hotel. Although the most popular areas tend to have the best hotels, it is also true that you can find very good hotels at comfortable prices. Something else to consider is that if you go to a more remote area to get a better price, this can play against you when it comes to transporting you, since long distances will make you lose valuable time on your vacation and the cost of moving from One side to the other will also affect your pocket. So you have to weigh all the factors and make the wisest decision. Cheer up!

4. Check the comments

This step is very helpful, although we know that for all people the experience lived in a hotel can result in different points of view, but somehow you can get a general idea of ​​what you can expect in that hotel, of its service, facilities, cleaning, among other things to evaluate. Do not take any of the comments as absolute, but keep in mind if, for example, several of the comments talk about the poor condition of the bathrooms, if so, you will know what to expect in that regard. Some people are very scrupulous and for a very small thing they can completely damage the reputation of a hotel, that is why we advise you to take the time to do a good survey and thereby rule out the subjectivity of some comments. Something that we ask you in addition to reading and drawing your own conclusions is that you try to capture your experience in the spaces intended for it, as well as the comments of others can determine your decision, yours can be very good for someone who is in the same process that you already lived in your search.

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