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1. Tourism in Buenos Aires: Important Buildings

From this emblematic site, institutions such as the Casa Rosada, which is the seat of the Government, were founded. The Metropolitan Cathedral and the Banco de la Nación Argentina building and the Cabildo also stand out.  These buildings are the most important to take into account when making the traditional tour of the city center . We are sure that you will be impressed.

There are other  tourist destinations  that you cannot miss on your visit to  Buenos Aires, such as Palermo. 

2. Palermo Buenos Aires:

Palermo is the largest and most modern neighborhood. It is the preferred place to stay among those who visit the city.  The qualities of this town are superfluous so that it is on the list of the most visited in the Argentine capital. You can find this variety:

  • The best restaurants in Buenos Aires.
  • Fashion designer stores.
  • Pubs.
  • Pubs.
  • Discotheques.

In addition,  Palermo  offers you various elementary tourist destinations:

  • Plaza Serrano is one of them where you will enjoy beautiful natural spaces and chat with the locals.
  • You should also go to the Botanical Garden, which is a National Monument, with more than 5,000 species of plants, sculptures and greenhouses.
  • You cannot miss going to the zoo, the Japanese Garden and the Rose Garden.

They are all iconic places in Palermo that give it that characteristic of a cosmopolitan neighborhood.

3. The Planetarium:

The Planetarium is the astronomical center of the city of  Buenos Aires  and is in  Palermo . There you can do one of the most traditional walks with the children of the family. They will be able to see the operation of eclipses, celestial bodies and projections of the solar disk. Within its spaces there is a museum and an Astronomy library. All the entertainment for the little ones.

4. The Palermo Forests:

If you want to be in contact with nature you have to go to the Bosques de  Palermo. You will find rose gardens and lakes, which make the place one of the preferred  tourist destinations . From the northeast you can get to the Río de la Plata and board a boat to take a walk through its waters. It is a nice and quiet adventure that you will always remember.

5. The Colón Theater:

If culture is your thing The Colón Theater awaits you in  Buenos Aires.  Works such as La Scala in Milan and the Opéra Garnier in Paris have been presented in this imposing venue. Its historical value is represented by its data of more than a century. Currently, different workshops for the productions of their shows are held at that venue. The Higher Art Institute also works, where future lyrical singers and dancers are prepared.

Additionally, you have the National Museum of Fine Arts that has the largest collection of Argentine art. Works of Picasso, Degas, El Greco, Rembrandt, Goya, Rubens, Rodin, Renoir, Cézanne and Chagall stand out. The museum has an important photography room, a pre-Columbian Andean art area and two sculpture terraces. It is a good opportunity to connect with art.

6. Puerto Madero:

If you prefer to walk calmly and with an environment of calm and natural recreation,  Puerto Madero  is for you. It is one of the quintessential tourist destinations in  Buenos Aires  with a large pedestrian area. You will be able to take a pleasant walk around different dykes and enjoy the beautiful view of the river. It is ideal to go in pairs and with the whole family.

As a curious fact you should know that  Puerto Madero  is a neighborhood that pays special tribute to the female sex. Its streets are named after women from the arts, sciences, politics and culture. Additionally, there is the Women’s Bridge, and several important buildings refer to the female sex. It is all a tribute that is made permanently to women.

7. The Fountain of the Nereids:

Other attractions in Puerto Madero are represented by the Fuente de las Nereidas. It is considered the most beautiful in Buenos Aires. In addition, it pays tribute to the women of the country, when compared to the goddess Venus.

8. Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve:

Very close to Puerto Madero you will find the Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve with more than 350 hectares to  walk or bike.  It is an area covered by shrubs, grasslands and lagoons where small reptiles, mammals and many birds live.

9. The Fortabat Museum:

The Fortabat Museum is another of the most emblematic tourist destinations in Puerto Madero. In one of its rooms is the Amalia Lacroze De Fortabat Art Collection. It has works by important Argentine and foreign artists .

With all these data you can make your agenda of places to visit when you arrive in Buenos Aires. The options are very varied and are capable of satisfying varied and demanding tastes.

10. The mouth

If you are looking for something colorful to post on Instagram, you must make this place when you visit the wonderful area of ​​La boca. It is a very colorful neighborhood full of tourism and nice people who enjoy great fellowship playing soccer or dancing tango.

In the same way, you will notice that colonial-style houses and taverns with Italian roots will rise on your sides, so it will be ideal to explore the area in depth. This is one of the busiest in Buenos Aires due to the large presence of tourists, but if you really want to take advantage of the place, take one of the excursions that are presented there, and you will see everything.

If you pass by, don’t forget to visit:

  • El Caminito:  Literally speaking of a path, this area is nationally known in this way by a local singer who baptized it with a song, which presents an open-air museum that exhibits tango and the art market for you to bring something to home. Another highlight of this area is the ability you will have to enjoy traditional restaurants with incredible designs that you will not see anywhere else.
  • Boca Juniors Stadium:  One of the most colorful stadiums, which is visited daily by both tourists and residents of the country due to its great presence as a national monument. If you are a soccer fan, you will surely want to see how a game is formed in this stadium and enjoy it.

11. San Telmo

One of the places with the strongest culture in all of Argentina for sure is San Telmo, this because it is one of the historical centers that have shown their cultural presence since the 19th century, in addition to presenting the best establishments and places with a Great artistic value, as well as museums, and antique shops so you can take anything with you, but without neglecting the great visual force that the churches with Gothic design provide that will take your breath away.

San Telmo has at your disposal places where you can enjoy a nice walk in a beautiful sunset, enjoy a moment at the fair with your family, or if you prefer, have a good coffee in the local area with elegant and regal aspects. they will give you the best service.

Remember that if you walk through San Telmo, you should not miss:  Plaza Dorrego. 

12. Dorrego Square

Nothing you see anywhere else will compare to the  eccentricity and great visual display  that one of the best squares in San Telmo presents, and this is Plaza Dorrego. It is capable of drawing the attention of both locals and tourists alike due to an impressive use of local arts and antique shops, combined with a great setting that never causes abandonment.

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